Bring a smile to your world through Rhapsody of realities
The church has the divine mandate to drive the message of God’s all-encompassing love into the hearts of men. Here and now, at the close of the church age, God has given us a divine gift; the rhapsody of realities, currently translated into all known languages of the world. Sent of God, it contains love notes from God, tailor-made for every man’s need in the language they understand best. 
Our position on earth today is that which introduces light in dark situations and turns mourning into joy and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we have been able to accomplish that for millions of people, all around the world with the Messenger Angel; the Rhapsody of Realities. We attest that the love of God contained in the articles of the Rhapsody of Realities, mends troubled minds and brings hope to the hopeless, renews hope, and restores.
'He sent out his word and healed them, snatching them from the door of death” Psalm 107:20NLT'
Through the SMILES projects, we bring smiles to the people. Nothing inspires us more than seeing hurt, troubled, downtrodden, despondent, and hopeless faces turned into a SMILE and we believe that the Rhapsody of Realities is God’s answer to the hurting world in our day! No longer should anyone live in fear, worry, poverty, or sickness! Packaged in various formats, the Rhapsody of Realities caters to the needs of the people, and the power of God contained in it is life-transforming and that’s why we must get it into the hands of everyone, in the language they understand best.
Smiles projects

Save a life
Rhapsody of Realities is aptly referred to as the Messenger Angel, is a divine vehicle of the full Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the only material in the world available in every language, for all ages, and, in every nation.
Say Yes to Kids
How safe is your child? There is an evil agenda spreading across the media, schools and everywhere you turn. The devil seeks to pervert the truth and capture the minds of children. Their impressionable minds are the targets of twisted...
How safe is your teenage child? There is an evil agenda spreading across the media, schools and everywhere you turn. The devil seeks to pervert the truth and capture the minds of our teenage children. The population of teenage children...
Rhapsody of Realities Production center
23 years ago, the first copies of Rhapsody of Realities came out of the press and the devotional began to reach and impact lives. Today, the messenger angel speaks 7858 languages with multiplied millions of copies printed monthly. Pro...
Prophecies were fulfilled, and the word began reaching the world, the influence of God’s word was experienced first-hand, life-changing miracle and the gospel took centre stage all over the world. Many can read it, several using it as an evangelical tool and the impact is ever so widening. All of these streaming from Rhapsody production centres that emerged across the globe, each one dedicated to the task of producing and spreading the message of the devotional. Currently, there are several Rhapsody of Realities production centres around the world. Each engaged in scripting, editing, design and layout, quality control and printing of final copies in various languages. Dedicated teams from the various publishing hubs ensure the spreading influence of the life-transforming devotional.
The translation of rhapsody of realities is a process, where words are carefully chosen to retain the essence of the original while also capturing the nuances of culture and language being translated. The production team translators constantly seek the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit to convey the depths of the teachings. But it doesn’t stop there. The final copies need to get to the final users. The distribution network spread across the globe creates a seamless web of connection, linking production centres to eager audiences worldwide. Coordinating global distribution requires careful planning. From ensuring the right quantities to choosing the most efficient routes, every decision affects the journey of the devotional to its readers' doorsteps. The journey isn't without its storms. Delays, technical hitches, and unforeseen obstacles can sometimes happen. Yet, through prayer, hard work and perseverance, they overcome all challenges to ensure a smooth flow of the gospel.
As Rhapsody of Realities finds its way into homes and communities, the miracles it inspires are a direct reflection of the hard work the various production hubs put in. The distributed copies in various languages inspire miracles, help in the starting and sustenance of language churches and the bigger picture of reaching and discipling 7 billion unique people. Truly, it is undeniable that production centres play a vital role in ensuring that the truth of God’s word as contained in the rhapsody of realities gets to everyone monthly and right on time. As Christians at the close of the Church age, our responsibility is both a privilege and a sacred duty. We are called to be custodians and distributors of the divine truth, ensuring that God's Word is accessible to all, leaving no soul untouched by the message of salvation. By sponsoring the establishment of Rhapsody production centres across various nations and locations, we can fulfil our mission as faithful stewards of God's Word, readying the world for the glorious return of our Savior.
Mission Middle East

Urgent appeal: Join us in sending the Gospel into the middle east in the languages of its people
This is an urgent appeal to reach the Middle East region with the Gospel at this time of uncertainty. In the wake of Saturday 7th October, Hamas launched a wave of attacks over Israel with rockets. This has led to significant waves of violence and attacks on innocent lives not witnessed for decades in this region...