The population of teenage children is rapidly growing by the day. They make up about 16 per cent of the world’s population. The current population of people between the ages of 10-1p is pegged at over 1.3 billion and the figure is expected to exceed that in the coming years. This already shows the magnitude of work and concerted effort that Christians must put into winning and discipling the teenagers.
With the availability of Rhapsody of Realities Teevo, Teenagers all over the world can now read and understand the message of the gospel, regardless of their location, race or language. Institutional languages are the languages used by schools, governments, businesses, and other organizations. They are often the languages of power and prestige. Across Africa, Europe, Asia and beyond, missionaries took the 7 billion mandate to heart by conducting several campaigns to reach young people in these languages.
The Teevolution, a sub-campaign of the Reachout World recorded far-reaching success in reaching the young ones with the undiluted word of God. With Teevo copies distributed to teenagers across schools, orphanages, hospitals and inner cities, young minds were captured early and empowered to navigate the challenges of the world today. The International Youth Day which was held in August 2023 was a carnival of soul-winning as missionaries surged across diverse nations, driven by a shared mission to empower and uplift young minds. With copies of Rhapsody of Realities TeeVo, across all formats such as prints, electronic and braille, children are discovering the lord’s purpose for their lives.
The reception has been phenomenal and outstanding testimonies of impact have been recorded as young minds, some for the very first time receive rhapsody of realities in their language. For schools with strict anti-Gospel rules, the messenger Angel still made inroads through events and National Anniversaries such as Children’s Day as well as birthdays and other extracurricular events. Several schools have adopted rhapsody of realities for kids as the sole devotional for instructions. Kiddies Rhapsody Clubs have also been established across various schools for effective discipleship and grooming.
You can be part of this by sponsoring the printing and distribution of Rhapsody Teevo in all languages and formats.