Rhapsody of Realities is aptly referred to as the ‘Messenger Angel’, is a divine vehicle of the full Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the only material in the world available in every language, for all ages, and, in every nation. Many are concerned for their tomorrow, but we can deliver them a hope that is only found in the Gospel in the language of their hearts in these desperate times. Through the distribution of Rhapsody of Realities, the No 1 Christian daily devotional in every living language, we can reach the unreached with the news of God's solution to a hurting world.
The “I SAVE A LIFE” campaign is a vision birthed by the hunger to reach Billions of people with copies of the messenger angel in the language they understand best! The desire to reach the unreached with this good news of salvation is one birthed in us by the Lord by His Spirit. We are convinced that millions more need to hear the Word of truth, the revelation this devotional contains. Many in the world today attest to the power of God and His spirit communicated through this devotional and countless testimonies abound of lives transformed, miracles and hopes renewed in millions all around the world.
I save a life, you save a life and together we can save millions more lives
The “I SAVE A LIFE” campaign is designed to drive the sponsorship of Rhapsody of Realities in Languages through love donations and monthly subscriptions. This makes it possible for more production, translation into the thousands of the world's languages and distribution of this devotional through in-roads made into communities, villages, town, cities and nations, and, into the hands of those who need it most. The Gospel is free, but it’s costly to take it to the nations! Help us to reach the billions in distant lands with God's answer to their cries.
With our Network of Translators all over the world, we are advantaged to deliver physical copies of this daily devotional to 1 Billion People in all 242 Nations, and in all the 7858 living languages of the world. Your Love Donation ensures we have copies available and trained distribution teams who ensures the copies get to the people.
Translators’ Network International Subscribers are Partners who are committed to sponsoring copies of the daily devotional monthly starting from a copy to 1,000 copies monthly. Also, through subscription, we are able to enlist more workforce in different nations, provide all necessary work tools (laptops, internet, transportation, dispatch, offices, etc and also carry out missions evangelism.
TNI depends on the generous giving of partners and friends like you to continue our various Missions Outreaches in the nations. Your gift will make an immediate impact toward the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing support to those who need it most. Sponsor a Missions Outreach in a nation today.