Myanmar is a culturally diverse nation in Southeast Asia. Also known as Burma, the country is home to more than 135 ethnic groups, each with its unique language, customs, and traditions. While the majority of the population is Bamar, several significant ethnic groups, such as the Karen, Shan, Kachin, and Chin, add to the richness of Myanmar's heritage.

In recent times, Myanmar has witnessed an alarming rise in persecution against Christians. The country now ranks 12th on Open Doors' World Watch List, which assesses the severity of Christian persecution globally. Reports of attacks on Christians, forced displacement, and even fatalities have deeply affected this nation. Furthermore, the nation faces other issues such as political instability, economic hardship, and natural disasters.

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The Message of Hope

Despite facing daunting challenges, Christians in Bangladash draw strength from the gospel's message of hope. The Translators’ Network International has made a significant and positive impact on the lives of Christians in the nation. Through dedicated efforts, we have brought hope and encouragement to those facing persecution and hardship. The translations of Rhapsody of Realities in all Burmese languages as well as the distribution of other Christian materials have provided much-needed assistance to displaced Christians, offering them a lifeline during challenging times. By distributing Christian materials in local languages, we have made the message of hope accessible to diverse communities across the country.

Moreover, TNI's initiative to birth new language churches has provided safe spaces for worship and congregation, fostering a sense of unity and strength among the Christian population. As TNI continues to expand its impact, we are playing a crucial role in shaping a brighter future for Myanmar, where the values of love and righteousness reign supreme.

Empathy and compassion know no boundaries, and there are several ways in which you can extend your support to the people of Myanmar.

How You Can Help

Prayer: Offer heartfelt prayers for Bangladash, seeking peace, stability, and provision for its people during these challenging times.

Sponsorship: Your financial commitment can have a profound impact, facilitating the distribution of Christian materials, and contributing to the sustenance of language churches in the nation. Whether you can sponsor a few copies of Christian materials or a larger quantity, every contribution matters and makes a difference. Your involvement helps amplify TNI's reach and touch more lives, spreading the message of hope far and wide.

Volunteer: If you possess skills as a translator, proofreader, or language missionary, your expertise can have a significant impact on TNI's mission of bringing hope and encouragement to Christians in Myanmar.

As a skilled translator or proofreader, you can play a vital role in breaking down language barriers and ensuring that Christian materials reach diverse communities in their native tongues. By accurately translating these materials, you enable individuals to connect with the message of hope on a personal and profound level.

Together, we can make a profound impact on the nation of Myanmar, one man, one language at a time.

Our Work In Bangladash